April 27, 2021
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As part of our data-centric app ecosystem strategy and our mission to give K12 teams the information clarity and tools they need to work at max efficiency in helping students succeed — we’re excited to announce our partnership with Wisconsin’s Special Education Software: OASYS.

OASYS provides accurate data and software tools to help Wisconsin Special Education and English Language Learning teams improve effectiveness and comply with State and Federal Regulations.

Our two-way approach will not only bring OASYS data securely into Edis to help district teams make decisions from the student up to the district level but will give OASYS engineers access to the Edis Intelligence API to visualize holistic student data from within the OASYS software, making teams more productive in achieving their mission.

Reach out to us to learn more about our Intelligence API and how we can help K12 team work more efficiently with data.

Below find the full press-release:

Partnership between software, data analytics companies has potential to improve school districts’ performance

Franklin-based OASYS LLC to offer customers data analytic services through Edis

FRANKLIN, Wis. (May 3, 2018) — OASYS LLC, a leading developer of K-12 software solutions specializing in student services and students with special needs, has announced it is partnering with Edis, a data analytics company, to offer school districts critical information to assess performance.

“We offer software for educators that makes filling out the paperwork necessary for special needs students a much simpler, more streamlined process by reducing data entry. It saves staff and administrators time and money, and benefits children because teachers are able to spend more time in the classroom,” said Marty Suchorski, CEO of OASYS. “When I saw the capabilities available through Edis, I knew I wanted to provide that to my customers as well.”

Edis, which OASYS now offers across Wisconsin, pulls together relevant information from Student Information Systems (SIS), OASYS, and other files and programs, then visualizes it into graphs that allow educators to see and evaluate district trends. The data is completely customizable and can be used to evaluate individual students or a district as a whole.

Edis offers applications to help K-12 teams take actions that can include identifying students at risk, setting goals, creating interventions and closely monitoring growth — all within a collaborative environment that includes a portal for student families.

“Edis translates into more time dedicated to increasing student performance and closing achievement gaps,” said Marcos Quiros, CEO of Edis, which is based in Naples, Fla.

Michelle Anderson, M.A., District Assessment Coordinator/Data Analyst for the Wauwatosa School District, is excited about being able to use OASYS and Edis together. “Bringing all of our data under one umbrella increases the efficiency of our work flow so that we can spend less time hunting down data and more time working with students one-on-one,” she said.

Data Encrypted

All data in the system is encrypted to ensure privacy. “Data privacy and security are paramount to Edis,” Quiros said. “Data flowing from OASYS to Edis will go through a secure channel and require login access, as well as authorization from districts. Data flowing from Edis into OASYS will be accessed using the Edis Intelligence API using secure protocols and will also require district authorization.”


OASYS® is a data management software company for K-12 school districts dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of American education. Established in 1998 and located in Franklin, Wis., it serves more than 90 school districts, providing special education paperwork, Medicaid billing software and more. OASYS offers on-site training and consulting, as well as customer support via phone and email. For more information, visit www.oasys-llc.com or call toll free (800) 261–3935.

Follow OASYS on twitter: @oasys_llc

About Edis

Edis is a multi-functional and data-centric K-12 software platform that is customizable, powerful, yet easy to use, and allows educators to work with data, assessments, forms, interventions, and more — all in one place. Edis is based in Naples, Fla. For more information on Edis, go to www.edis.io, call (941) 888–4310, or email contact@edis.io.

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