Here's how it works

Data Integration

Edis automatically integrates and cleans raw data points from systems and files - including for customizations. Which takes the burden of data integration away from already saturated technology departments.

Data Storage

Edis organizes the integrated clean data in a longitudinal operational data store (ODS) that’s exclusively dedicated to each customer unleashing powerful historical analysis capabilities while ensuring maximum security and privacy.

Analytics Engine

Edis has a data analytics engine that aggregates data points at any level of the organization, slices information by student sub-groups, performs correlations, and tracks historical progress - allowing teams to visualize data like never before.

Apps Ecosystem

Edis also offers an ecosystem of data-driven apps that talk to each other: from interventions, to forms, student profiles, and dashboards teams can productively work together knowing that they’re on the same page while saving time in training and PD.

Flipped Data

Edis has an innovative mechanism to deliver data visualization objects to different teams on a regular basis which means that busy users are not required to choose between spending time using data vs spending time teaching and coaching students - with Edis, data goes to the user.

Built with the highest standards in mind

Secure & Private

Independent data warehousing. SSL, a strict privacy policy. Edis goes the extra mile to maximize security and data privacy.

Data privacy

Easy to Use

Apps seamlessly talking to each other. Consistent look and feel. Insights delivered to users. Edis is super easy to use.

Edis Videos


Tiered-pricing structure. Multiple apps, one bill. Included maintenance and online trainings. Edis works for every budget.

Produce more with your data

Less data work. More productivivity. More collaboration. More instructional time. Less training. Teams using Edis love having all the apps to do productive data work - all in one place. Connect with us to see if Edis is the data solution you're been looking for.