Edis is a multi-functional and data-centric K12 software platform that's customizable, powerful, yet easy to use - it allows you to work with data, assessments, forms, interventions, and more - all in one place.


Full-featured, right out of the box

Edis combines the functionality of many #edtech systems, all in one place.

SIS & LMS Integration

Automatically pulls, cleans, and organizes data from virtually any SIS, LMS, third-party service, and files.

Longitudinal Data

Houses multiple years of data so you can go back to any "moment" in time with just one click.

Early Warnings

Tracks key-performance indicators, identifies trends, and generates alerts so no student falls behind.

Automated Notifications

Sends daily, weekly, and monthly data insights so you can stay informed without wasting valuable instructional time.

PD Recommendations

Recommends curated PD articles based on your data insights. With Edis you don't hunt for PD resources. PD goes to you.

Data Visualization

Offers an intuitive way to visualize data via interactive widgets, report libraries, and cutting-edge report builders.


Manages standards-based assessments from item authoring, to test creation, administration, and reporting.


Documents and keeps track of student progress using multi-tiered interventions with individualized goals.


Allows for teams to supplement their decisions by having conversations and uploading files to social logs.

Family Access

Families can access their kids' information while collaborating with schools using their native language.

Security & Privacy

Edis can be hosted in-house or in the cloud, all communication is encrypted, and personal information is never shared.

Training and Upgrades

Schools using Edis receive on-line training and free data upgrades at no extra cost. They are the best Edis ambassadors.

Great schools get great results with Edis

From private and charter schools to small and county-wide school districts, educators love Edis.

It truly has made our RTI framework so much more effective and efficient.
Rachel Hesprich
RTI Director
School District of Slinger

Integrates with your data

From SISs, to LMSs, assessments, sign-in providers, and files - Edis brings them all together.

Teachers spend less time accessing data and more PD time infusing successful practices into the learning environment.
Dawn Botelho
Charlotte County Public Schools

Here's how Edis works


First, it pulls and cleans raw data from your SIS, your LMS, and other systems and files.


Next, it calculates academic, attendance and behavior indicators, identifies trends, and triggers alerts.


Finally, it sends summarized email insights with PD recommendations based on your data.


At this point, you can check your email and take further action using the secure Edis interface.

The good old days of hunting for data are over.
With Edis, data comes to you.

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No. Edis automatically ingests data from the systems you already use. Some data, however, you might chose to enter manually.
No. Edis can be accessed using the same credentials you use for your email and calendar. Whether you use Google Apps, Office 365, or Active Directory. We got you covered.
Yes. And very fast. Edis calculates attendance, behavior, and academic indicators everyday. Users can choose to receive alerts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Edis can cost anywhere from $2 to $9 per student annually depending on the size of your district/school and how many modules you want to use. Our license includes data changes, annual maintenance, hosting and unlimited training. Contact us to learn more about our licensing model.
Yes it does. Even better, we organize our data in “Moments”. Our districts "freeze" their data multiple times during the year so educators can go back to any "moment" in the past with one click.
Yes. Edis is used by everyone. From teachers, to principals, guidance counselors, administrators, executives, and even families and students.
No. If you are a teacher, you can only see those students assigned to you in your class roster. District Administrators, on the other and, can see all students in the district and School Administrators can see all students in their school. Privacy is a big deal for us.
You should. Edis is a great problem-solving system for academic and behavior interventions. It supports group interventions with individualized goals per student, progress-monitoring using graphics and trend lines, as well as logs to document intervention activity.

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