Edis Apps

Edis apps are built on top of the same platform, using the same design language, and connect seamlessly to one another - making teams more productive.

Data Dashboards

Design and publish unlimited data dashboards containing beautiful interactive data objects. Dashboards can be customized for each team or individual users and organized by topic

Custom Reports

Save valuable time by designing, publishing, and sharing comprehensive reports that pull columns from a library of current and historical data points that Edis puts together in one place

Data Stories

Tell a story with data by creating beautiful infographic documents that combine visualization objects with rich text, allowing audiences to experience information like never before

Early-warnings System

Edis uses all collected data to calculate daily alerts and indicators matching your State or local Early-warnings System for academics, behavior, attendance, and other topics

Email Insights

Edis reports, alerts, and indicators are notified to different teams on a daily, weekly, and monthly-basis, allowing data to get into the hands of busy users without sacrificing instructional time

Student Profiles

Edis has a comprehensive student profile where all collected data follows the student grade level to gravel and building to building - creating a single stop shop for teams to access current and holistic data on students

Custom Assessmeents

Teams can move away from spreadsheets and enter progress monitoring data using Edis custom assessments. These data points can be graphed and used for reporting as well as interventions


Create unlimited student and employee digital Forms connected to student profiles and employee profiles. Save valuable time by connecting form fields with current and historical data points. Connect data collected in Forms to interventions and other reports


Create and manage unlimited interventions using the Edis intervention bank, create intervention groups, monitor progress, create activity logs while keeping teachers and families on board

Family Portal

Families using Edis can log into their student profiles and explore academic, behavior, attendance, grades, homework, interventions, and even complete forms. They can even communicate with teachers in their home language - translation is on us

Student Portal

Students using Edis can log into their student profiles and explore how they’re doing across multiple topics. They can also take tests, see test results, complete forms, and participate in interventions

Assessments Platform

The Edis assessment platform helps districts manage standards-aligned items, tests, and create test events. Students can take tests online or through bubble sheets. Results can be analyzed within Edis and they can also be connected to other reports in Edis as well as Forms and interventions

Multiple Apps. One Platform.

Edis is the one solution that brings teachers, RTI coaches, administrators, families, and students together under a single collaborative data platform built to eliminate distractions and increase productivity.