April 27, 2021
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We’re excited to announce that our K12 Data-driven Opportunity Platform has been shortlisted for the Reimagine Education Award under the K12 category.

With over 1,150 applications submitted and over 100 independent judges dedicated to evaluating submissions, we consider it an honor to be shortlisted and a testament to the innovative work the Edis team is doing.

Over the years, our team has been working on our “Flipped Data” framework. We started by implementing a mechanism to deliver data insights to K12 teams on a regular basis via email. Edis already had an automated framework to connect and extract data from any district’s apps ecosystem. Such data was already put through a set of calculations to detect alerts and KPIs — and those were already visualized using our analytics dashboards. But relying on teams to access information via dashboards was old school, we needed to deliver the information.

Now it became time upgrade from having data to “applying” data — and what better application than connecting a student with an “opportunity”?

Enter the K12 Opportunity Platform…

The K12 Opportunity Platform automatically connects students with “opportunities” on a data-driven basis.

An “opportunity” is defined as any beneficial value that can be given to any student. For example: “part-time jobs”, “summer jobs”, “after-school programs”, “scholarships”, “job shadowing”, “apprenticeships” are all opportunities.

Because we already had the technology to drill down to any group of students based on a very rich set of parameters and the ability to send insights to any K12 teams, it only made sense to connect both of them, obviously, without exposing private information — which means that any parent whose child goes to a school district that’s part of the platform, and guidance counselors, can receive a notification on their phone, in their home language about a scholarship that’s available for their child, based on the fact that the child’s family receives lunch assistance, he or she has maintained attendance above 98%, has had no behavior incidents for the last 3 years, and has an interest on pursuing a STEAM career — to us, that’s what a 21st century opportunity looks like and Edis is ready to finally deliver the project.

On our end, we’ll use award funds to finalize the code on the opportunity side of the platform, to make sure we make it very user friendly for opportunities to be made available via UIs and third-party APIs.

About Reimagine Education

Reimagine Education is an international competition aiming to reward those most successful in creating transformational educational initiatives, enhancing student learning outcomes and/or employability.

This year, over 1150 educational innovators from all the world submitted their projects to our 17 Award Categories for free.

The Overall Winner receives US$50,000 in funding.

More information: https://www.reimagine-education.com/

About Edis

Edis helps K12 teams productively work with data using a single software platform that gives everyone the clarity and the tools to take action — all in one place.

From a custom deep data interoperability framework to a longitudinal data warehouse powering a network of interconnected apps and a data concierge service — school districts using Edis enjoy a cutting-edge yet affordable data solution that looks and feels like it was built in house.

More information: http://edis.io

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