April 27, 2021
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Collecting data using Forms and Spreadsheets is second nature to any district but it takes too much time. Edis Forms allows users to design student forms that load data points automatically before applying formulas to them. Saving districts plenty of data entry time and maximizing data quality.

The Problem

How many times we’ve found ourselves entering manual scores in Google sheets and then looking up rubrics to decide whether a student met, approached, exceeded, or did not meet expectations?

At the end of the day, even districts that already license data tools end up using Excel or Google sheets to be able to write in the formulas needed to decide whether students are high achieving, high growth, both, or none.

The Solution

Well, Edis solves this problem using two important features in Edis Forms: Data Points and Formulas.

Because of the way Edis is built, users designing student forms can bring unlimited current and historical data points from the Edis data warehouse using the “Data Point” field, this means that, when loading a student, all the data point fields are loaded automatically, avoiding unnecessary data entry.

Using Formula fields, folks designing forms can bring all the logic they already use in Excel and Google sheets into Edis. It is super easy, instead of pointing to confusing cell locators (like A1, $BS2, C$3) they just point to field identifiers (like [attendance_rate], [total_incidents_this_week], [gender], [race]). It is that easy.

Usage Examples

From fully automating all Fountas & Pinell Fall, Spring, and Summer ratings pulling from the letter grade, the student grade level, and the period of the year; to more complex calculations such as defining which Growth/Achievement quadrant students are in based on the student grade level and historical scores — folks designing Edis Forms are truly taking advantage of the power behind data points and formulas, and how much they translate into time savings and better data quality.

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