April 27, 2021
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This is an intro into our product updates for 2020.

Widgets Library

Data widgets can now be accessed independently from the new Widgets Library in the Data menu.

Widget Details in Full-page View

Data widgets can now be viewed in full-page format showing the chart as well as the student data fueling the chart. These widgets can be accessed from the widget library as well as from other sections of Edis.

Drill-down to Widget Details

Users will be able to drill-down to widget details from dashboards and data stories.

New Schedule View in Custom Reports

Custom reports support a new Schedule View where users can flip from a student by student row to a more scheduled-centric view where each row has the student, teacher, course, period, as well as grades.

Scale Distribution Widgets in Custom Reports

When linking a custom report column to a scale, Edis will automatically render a distribution widget that aggregates the column data based on the scale selected.

Custom Report scheduled exports to Third-party Systems

Custom reports can now be configured to regularle export data to third party systems like Qualtrics, Google Data Studio, Tableau, etc. This is an advanced Edis feature. Feel free to contact us via our Support Center to learn more.

Correlation Reports are available from Custom Reports

Any two columns that use a scale can now be correlated in a separate quadrant-type of report using the correlate menu option. This tool will breakdown students into 4 quadrants based on the scale used.

Custom Reports can be visualized inside RTI Interventions

Users working on interventions can visualize custom report data without leaving the intervention by going in the “Data” tab. Custom reports can be added to interventions under “Settings / Data Visualizations”. If done at the template level, then any subsequent interventions will already have the custom report linked to them.

New Advanced Custom Reports

Advanced custom reports analyze data points aggregated by different filter types instead of student by student. This is great tool for comparing groups of students at once.

New Data Visualizations for Forms

Edis now supports aggregating data that’s collected in forms for more meaningful analysis.

Inline Formula Validation for Forms

When designing forms that use formulas, an inline validator checks for errors in your formulas like linking to missing fields, etc… This helps our users save a lot of time when designing complex forms that rely heavily on formulas.

Start on a specific date when copying Custom Assessments

When copying custom assessments that have multiple trials, users can now start in a new specific date. This is very helpful when users try create new custom assessments for new school year.

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